Natural Aesthetics

I believe that how you look on the outside affects how you feel on the inside. Being confident and happy with yourself as you are is foundational but occasionally as we age we would like improvement in certain aspects of our appearance. I believe that natural non-invasive procedures that don't involve surgeries or injecting poisons into your body can effectively reverse many of the signs of aging.



PlasmaLift treatments involve using a special devise that creates a plasma arc (a super heated ball of gas) that literally vaporizes loose skin. The remaining skin tightens and lifts creating a non-surgical face or neck lift. 



PRP or Plaetelt Rich Plasma/ "Vampire facials" are a natural way to even out skin tone and stimulate collagen production. A small amount of blood is extracted spun in a centrifuge. The concentrated PRP layer is then micro-needled into the face. 



PRP/ VSEL therapy involves collecting the platelet rich plasma layer of the blood, exposing it to a conjugated laser and injecting that activated plasma fraction into the scalp. This helps to stabilize the hair follicle rooting it more strongly in the scalp and stimulating dormant hair follicles.